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Sam's Quest is a platforming game that is full of challenges. The characters are based on my webcomic characters from Sam & Roger.

These are the controls:

Left and Right arrow keys to move, Up arrow to climb, Down arrow to duck, Ctrl to Jump.

Some of the platforms are moveable, which can come to the player's advantage. The game is full of evil Rogers and the only way to beat them is to step on them. Beware of pitfalls. If you fall into the pit, you only have to start the level over. There are no lives, so you can play each level till you beat them.

There are 25 levels in total, grouped into 5 phases with several cut scenes. In order to pass through the cut scenes, press the Enter key. Also, The Esc key closes the game.

This is my first game and I plan on making more in the series. I've tested the game again and again and I haven't spotted any bugs. I've played through the entire game multiple times and I'm quite proud to say it's a fun game to play and I hope you all enjoy playing it as well.

The music was also made by me. This game was made with Game Maker 8. I tried Game Maker Studio but I have an easier time with 8. God Bless and enjoy the game!

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Published140 days ago
AuthorDwayne Eric McLeod
Tags2D, blocks, Colorful, Comedy, Funny, GameMaker, Singleplayer
Player countSingleplayer


Sam's Quest.exe (56 MB)

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